Vgba gameboy advance emulator apk

Super easy to use Vgba gameboy advance emulator apk and Great Customer Service! I love having my favorite retro games on many phone. What a great emulator and excellent support. I have received direct support from the developer(s) multiple times, often within the hour.

VGBA – GameBoy Advance Emulator v3.8.6
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview:VGBA emulates the GameBoy Advance handheld game console. It will run GameBoy Advance games on your Android phone or tablet. Please notice that VGBA will not play classic GameBoy games: you will need VGB for thatVgba gameboy advance emulator apkVgba gameboy advance emulator apk Features:
* Specifically optimized for Android devices, using ARM assembler to run at maximal possible speed.
* Full screen landscape and portrait mode emulation, with options for simulating scanlines and fuzzy display.
* Records soundtrack to MIDI files.
* Play with you physical keyboard, touch screen, or accelerometer.
* Save gameplay at any point and go back to that point once your character gets killed.
* Xperia Play special buttons supported.
VGBA package itself does not contain any games. You should place your own game files onto the SD card before running VGBA.
Please, do not run any software you do not own with VGBA. The author cannot and will not tell you where to find free GameBoy Advance games.

Vgba gameboy advance emulator apk

What’s in this version:
Added VGBA Cheatopedia with a wide selection of ActionReplay / GameShark cheats.
Fixed Golden Sun and Golden Sun 2 games. They no longer crash.
Fixed saving in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

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Vgba gameboy advance emulator apk download

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Works really well on most things although I seem to be having some audio problems with the pokemon games. Also the light sensor is brilliant now I can finally finish Vgba gameboy advance emulator apk it. Great job.

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