UrlToPDFPro v1.0.2 Apk

Works well but Can’t extract data from secure sites. Got a report had to go to secure site to display. Needed copy. Shared page after logged in, app catched pdf but only displays pdf with “Oops” great otherwise. Useful for saving items you don’t have time for right then and there. Can send the PDF’s. Works efficiently, plenty of options re what or what not to print.


UrlToPDFPro v1.0.2
Requirements: Android OS 1.6 +
Overview: Convert any Webpage to PDF.

Convert any Webpage to PDF.
Enter URL, click on convert. Then share or view (offline) the generated PDF file.
Many options available :
– Define PDF parameters : Background, Table of Content, Quality, Images.
– Define headers : page number, url, date.
– Define User-Agent used for conversion : iPhone, Android, Chrome, ie…
– Receive pdf by mail.
Link option available for ConvertMyUrl :
– You will receive a Link where you can get generated PDF.
– More easy to share by mail, sms or other.
WARNING : The link may expire depending of the space used on server ! At least 1 Week is granted before any deletion.
Browser included for previously generated files !
Convert in background :
– Select and share your link in navigator.
– Choose “UrlToPDF Background” click on convert.
– You can continue navigating the convertion will be done in background.
Actually based on :
– convertmyurl (email server side, media print support).
– pdfmyurl
*** got blank pages ? Try another PDF reader ! ***

UrlToPDFPro v1.0.2 Apk More info:

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I use this app with Chrome to generate and save webpages in pdf format. It can run in the foreground or background and works quickly and flawlessly. Highly recommend. Does the job saves transferring bookmarks to and from different browsers as now I can just convert to PDF for reading any device. Excellent.

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