Nyanko Ninja apk

Love this Nyanko Ninja apk game, seems they fixed the lag. Rarely does after hours of playing. Great new update for gears and rooms. Love the game music and graphics. Just need to fix shop purchases so they appear right away. Other then that its an awesome game! Awesome I like this game its awesome but if they could make a better way to get jewels it would have been way better but I still like this game.

Nyanko Ninja apk

Nyanko Ninja v.1.08 [Unlimited Coins / Gems]
Requirements: 2.1 and up
Overview: Bored with killing mindless enemies, or getting angry with bad game controls and stupid levels?

Nyanko Ninja brings you great fresh feelings! The best game control youa€™ve ever experienced on parkour games. Nyanko Ninja will challenge your limit!

~Extraordinary Game Control
Flexible jump and hit, freewheeling control experience. Try the dreaming dance steps youa€™ve expected for long, try the excitements that Nyanko Ninja will bring you!

~Creative Levels
Three scenes, 24 missions, more than 20 kinds of monsters, traps, barricades, treasuresa€¦ Ninjaa€™s worlda€™s filled with incredible things.

~Boss Challenges
Three bosses are howling, doing endless attack to innocents. You have to defeat the Tailed monsters with the brave ninja to save the whole world! Will you succeed? Maybe very little chancea€¦

~Ninjitsu Skills
Fire Fury, Illusion and Whirlwind, how to choose your Ninjitsu? Ita€™s a question.

~Fancy Equipments
Three categories, 15 appearances, from normal wearing to legendary outfit, along with raises of your capacities. You are the LEGEND!

~Global Rank
In Ninjaa€™s world, your scores will be ranked globally. Are you the best ninja in the world? Or someone else has predominance? Enter the Global Board, find your target and keep fighting!

What’s new:
HUGE upgrades for version 1.10!!!
1. Add Endless mode. 3 difficultlies, normal, heroic and infernal.
2. Add 1.5x speed mode. It’s the real challenge!
3. Add 4 new characters with 12 skills!
4. Add quest system. Get plenty of rewards from here!
v1.07 Change Log
1. Adjust some levels, make them more fun!
2. All items in game are ENHANCED! Much cheaper and powerful!

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You people know that they were ninjas before naruto came out right??? Not every ninja game has to be based on it. It’s so glaringly obvious that u guys literally ripped off their success Not cool at all. I just notice that the three Tailed Beast Bosses are from Naruto but they changed so features but very little features so is that even legal because Naruto made those tailed beasts not this Nyanko Ninja apk game.

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