Because We May – games on offer until June 1

Because We May is an initiative proposed by a group of independent developers, from now until June 1, that is, exactly one week, will discount a few of their most important games available through the Online Store Because We May – games on offer until June 1.

Because We May games

What is the reason for the reduction of these games?

The reason for this initiative is the simple celebration of this store through which many developers have been able to bring and sell their own games, without necessarily being part of one of the giants of the industry such as Electronic Arts or Activision just to name two.

The reason for this celebration is precisely this: the opportunity offered by these stores, of which it is present, and stands out, the Play Store for Android, publish, with no major problems, the work of independent developers even without huge expense and without ‘support of large software house such as those mentioned above.

The result of these developers are the various Canabalt, World of Goo and Machinarium as well as many other games such as Great Little War or Osmos. And these are precisely those games that, starting today, and for a whole week, they will see drastically reduced its price in order to be bought by a larger audience.

The upgrade price is expected to take place directly inside the various stores (among which there is only one Android, but also Stream or the App Store), but in the case had not yet reached your smartphone, you can see the full list complete with updated prices following the link below

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