Android 5.0 Lollipop leaked on LG G3

Appeared online a few hours the new firmware for LG Lollipop G3 based on Android 5.0, which we have already talked about in our previous article. Basically the differences are not so many, but in any case we wanted to please our readers and we flashed our LG G3 here in drafting the latest leaked, the V19H (at the time of this writing, however, has been released version V19L) .

android Lollipop leaked on LG G3

android Lollipop leaked on LG G3

The more daring, despite the instability in, can install the new update on LG G3: For more information, you can find the guide and the file to flash on XDA.

Android 5.0 Lollipop leaked on LG G3 video Test

Below you will find our video test with LG G3 upgraded to version 5.0 of Android surely will not be like the officer (or at least hopefully) but the work done by LG can be, no doubt, summarized in this video.

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By the various screenshots and rumor online LG G3 there had seemed to to know they were very few changes that LG had made in this new version, and indeed we noticed, trying it with his hand, that there were huge news, or rather, not how many users would wait for.

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