hike messenger apk for android

Very nice! Could you add a settings tab for the notifications? (Aka World Cup and so on, like this kind of things, not everyone is interested in). Not everyone wants them I think, so it would be better to choose the users if they want it or not. I also saw, you got a lot of negative reviews because of that. You now understand what I mean?

hike messenger apk for android

hike messenger apk for android

hike messenger apk for android Description

Retaining contact with your friends! Reasons for hike:

★ PRIVACY: This Messenger you can say stalkers never to return! The mailman, your mom and this strange guy at the university, they may all but do not see what you last driven and have something for profile pictures uploaded you, right? Switch to hike and take your privacy in your hand! You decide who gets to know when you were LAST ONLINE.

★ STICKER: Now send great stickers on hike. A great new way to express yourself!

★ CHAT MOTIVE: Everyone has backgrounds. We have 2-way designs! If you choose a chat motive else, it also changes with your friends! Are you also for a more personal communication ?!

★ FREE HIKE2SMS TO INDIA: We now have a FREE SMS to non-function of hike hike-user integrated. You can find your friends so even send messages if they are not in hike. And above all, it’s free! Free text messages can only be sent to India.

★ OFFLINE HIKE: Can not you write your friends because they are not online? Do Not Worry! hike makes the hard work to find out if your friends are offline. If so, send them hike then your messages via SMS, so that no costs arise for you. If they answer their message is displayed in hike!

★ MADE EASY SHARE: share via hike photos, videos, locations, contacts, walkie-talkie messages, and much more. Create group chats or chat with one person!

★ HOLO: The hike-Messenger is now available for Androids HOLO motif optimized. With the great update for the user experience hike is now even easier to see faster and prettier.

★ FAST, SIMPLE, PERSONALLY, FREE: hike is super fast. By Alerts for “broadcast, transmit, read” news, it feels as if you yourself would like to chat directly with the person. The app uses for messages to friends and family your 2G, 3G network or WiFi (when available).

★ 128-bit SSL ENCRYPTION: hike messages are now encrypted via WLAN.

★ SD CARD STORAGE: The app can now be stored on the SD card!

hike messenger apk for android

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Very nice Everything sends perfect not too slow even smileys whatsapp of mega great. hike messenger apk for android better than whats app! Hike is great, much better than whats Messenger app !!! Especially the big smileys and are super pokes. Perfect Incredibly fast & personal contact and fast fix the problem !!! Top top top Best App. All Top What bothers me personally is that the background image can not select from the gallery .. otherwise awesome!