Mad Race VR v1.6 apk

My phone doesn’t have gyrosenser but it Mad Race VR v1.6 apk still works flawlessly. So far this is the best app in VR. Great visual detail Thanks so much for getting this working again.It’s great to see a dummy headbang and drive so well.  tried to play this game with the Google cardboard . it haves amazing details and looks like a lot of fun but I just can’t seem to move .. do I need to use it with a game pad.

Mad Race VR v1.6 apk

Mad Race VR v1.6 apk

Mad Race VR v1.6
Requirements: Android: 2.3 & VR CARDBOARD BOX
Overview: Mad Race VR is about a buggy riding in a city where everything is falling apart.

You start with the pilot who is driving your buggy and you are sitting next to him with VR BOX of course and nothing to do just enjoy the ride in 360 degree view and enjoy the apocalyptic action ride with buggy jumps,quick turns and falling buildings. Its a Good app to have if you are a fan of VR BOX, quick 3D Sequences with awesome destruction and blast effects. Mad race vr full apk unlocked. Game is available free in the play store and you can play it until you are run out of free trials then you have to unlock their game by paying and they will make you register in their database for no reason.

What’s In The MOD:
Full Version Unlocked
Skip Registration button is always available

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I can’t seem to register. Mad Race VR v1.6 apk App won’t budge and I don’t get any emails. Really looking forward to a fix. Loved the app. Extremely good. When i found myself in the passenger seat of an assault buggy, with a crash-test dummy at the wheel, i had a feeling i was in for a wild ride. And i still was blown away.