Into the Void v1.1.1 mod apk

The Into the Void v1.1.1 mod apk game has a good concept, great visuals and a lot of potential however, it could use more detailed descriptions (it adds immersion) and general optimizations esp with performance and with the linguistics sector. The game is phenomenal, it’s just some times I encounter super strong enemies. Once I fought a ship with 10k health and 800 shield. He one shot all my ships.

Into the Void v1.1.1 mod apk

Into the Void v1.1.1 mod apk

Into the Void v1.1.1 (Mod Resources)
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: Fully command your faction in this sci-fi game.

Build your fleet, arm it with tons of weapons and make all of your enemies’ burn.
Perform expeditions to outer space; take care of your crew’s morale as it greatly influences your power.
Research tons of techs. You can’t open all of them in one play-through, as there are lots of combinations.
Fight with different opponents. Each faction has its own tactics and technology stack, so you should plan your fleet equipment carefully.

✔ Great RPG/TBS mix with unique depth.
✔ Randomly generated universe – each mission is unique every time you play it.
✔ Long and interesting storyline.
✔ Battle against 4 different factions.
✔ Epic space turn-based battles.
✔ Laser, Kinetic, Plasma and Explosive weapons: each with unique pros and cons.
✔ 16 main missions
✔ 20 sub-missions
✔ Lots of battle ships with modifications
✔ Over 100 technologies in 4 different branches – choose them wisely.
✔ Tons of different items, from engines and shields to drones and infiltration squads.
✔ ABSOLUTELY no in-apps.
✔ Great visuals

Into the Void v1.1.1 mod apk What’s New

– UI: Selected item highlight
– Balance: Can now install smaller items to bigger slots
– Game: Automatic saving before going to mission
– Battle camera fixes
– Crew items are now fully functional
– Engines made more useful
– Cannon power increased
– “Enemy mass” bug fixed
– First 2 acts made a little easier
– Enemies now has more health but less firepower
– Ship’s info now updates on installed item update
– New planet: Ice
– Many other balance improvements
– Bugfixes and stability updates

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Download Instructions: continue game to get resources



Listens to feedback, fixes bugs, great space game. I’d like to be able to use more varied ships, weapons, etc. But the Into the Void v1.1.1 mod apk game is still in the works, and will hopefully continue to grow. Great game but i encountered a glitch that turns all animation colors to black. If you could look into it that would be great.