Maritime Kingdom v1.1.93 apk mod money

I have lowered the rating of this delightful application as the response to my report because of your inability to answer my reports that the game has stopped working and needs to be reported .I have now reported the stoppage 7 days on the run and today it still wont play.

Maritime Kingdom v1.1.93 apk mod money picMaritime Kingdom v1.1.93 [Mod Money]

Requirements: Android 4.0+

– Welcome Explorer to the age of discovery!

– Experience an epic city-building adventure like no other as you develop trade routes, build your fleet, gather precious resources, discover new lands and establish diplomatic relations with other countries. Take to the high seas and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime in your ultimate quest to rule the oceans.

Maritime Kingdom is the breathtaking new title from the creators of smash hit Tribez and Castlez. Send forth your fleet, build your defences against marauding enemies and forge a mighty empire by helping the princess in her quest to locate the magical Crown Jewels and free the imprisoned king.

Some great features:

Establish diplomatic relations with other powerful rulers
Gather immense riches by trading over 30 resources including precious Gems and fancy Cloth
Complex achievements system
Endless variety — every action can change the course of the game
Defeat fearsome enemies including pirates and hostile local tribes
Stunning graphics which bring the complex world to life
Explore the four corners of the globe in over 350 quests
Create a mighty city with over 40 building types
Build a mighty fleet & establish trade routes

THIS GAME WORKS IN OFFLINE MODE WITHOUT INTERNET – play it on the plane, in subway or on the road. Enjoy!

Maritime Kingdom v1.1.93 mod apk WHAT’S NEW

– To attract more citizens, build pretty townhouses. They are very spacious and can provide accommodation for a whole family.
– To make your citizens happier, build carousels and observation wheels. Start construction now!
– Now you can produce sweets! All you have to do is build a sweet shop in your wonderful city.
– The population is growing, and the people should always have enough to eat. Supplying them with food is going to be easier now because our engineers have designed mills!

Maritime Kingdom v1.1.93 apk mod money

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I really do love these Maritime Kingdom v1.1.93 apk mod money game insight games! This one and the tribez. I love that you don’t have energy, you have workers. I love that its easy to level up. 2 separate games going on two separate devices I had to start 2 different games because you don’t have a sync ability. Also, I got to level 50/9999 on the trophy and it just stopped. It won’t go any higher.