Dream House Days v1.3.3 mod apk

I added a wall and I can’t remove it, it just says that I can’t get rid of the wall, even when I pressed the correct option. Other than that it’s Dream House Days v1.3.3 mod apk a good time killer. I really think that spouses should be allowed to have jobs specially if there are no kids yet.

Dream House Days v1.3.3 mod apkDream House Days v1.3.3 [Mod Money] is Genre Android Game. Created @ 10 May 2016 | 9:35 pm. The following is the complete description :

Dream House Days v1.3.3 [Mod Money]
Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: The house of your dreams is a dream no more!

You play both architect and landlord in this fanciful new sim, and it’s up to you to furnish your ideal abode with anything from arcade games to saunas to convenience stores. Certain combinations can power up your rooms…and their rent. Put an HDTV and game console together to make a game room, or a grand piano and painting together to make a fine arts room!
Rise up the rankings of real estate fame and you might reel in some celebrity tenants, ranging from hit singers to soccer stars!
But there’s more than just business at stake. Tenants will look to you for guidance on everything from romance to career choices. With your help, they just might tie the knot or land that dream job!
Build a dream home where dreams come true! And play with friends for special bonuses (currently in beta testing).
* Game data is stored on your device. Save data cannot be transferred between devices, nor can it be restored after deleting or reinstalling the app.
* Certain features require in-app purchases.

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I have played Dream House Days v1.3.3 mod apk and I love it,just one suggestion is to make your other games less expensive because I love the lite versions of almost all the games but I don’t want to spend 5$ on the full Dream House Days v1.3.3 mod apk game.