Ghosts of Memories v1.2.7 apk

Great puzzle Ghosts of Memories v1.2.7 apk games, but sometimes there’s a glitch (can’t move a tiles), nice support & response from dev. I just updated it Where are the new levels and how can I access them I love this game and I want to play them!

Ghosts of Memories v1.2.7 apk

Ghosts of Memories v1.2.7 is Genre Android Game. Created @ 16 June 2016 | 7:42 pm. The following is the complete description :

Ghosts of Memories v1.2.7
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Overview: Ghosts of Memories is an adventure puzzle game located in 4 stunningly beautiful worlds.

In Ghosts of Memories you will explore the lands of ancient civilizations, full of undiscovered paths and mysterious puzzles based on tricky tiles. Think logically to solve all the quests and puzzles on your journey!


– Beautiful graphics – 2.5-D isometric perspective that combines the details of 2-D artwork with many functionalities of a 3-D environment.

– Unique sound effects – the background music was composed specifically for Ghosts of Memories, and creates an atmosphere as you find your way to your destination by overcoming a series of puzzles. Use headphones to get the best experience.

– Gameplay experience – Carefully designed gameplay will provide you with engaging and demanding experiences, full of unexpected solutions.

*Ghosts of Memories requires a device with at least 768 MB of RAM

**Ghosts of Memories is designed for phones and tablets that run Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and above.

***Ghosts of memories does NOT support Android small screens


2 new game worlds
6 new levels
New soundtrack
Optimization for older devices
8 different language versions
Fresh and demanding puzzle mechanics

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Beautiful Ghosts of Memories v1.2.7 apk game, with stunning graphics and sound effects. Just put your headphones and enjoy the relaxing melodies. Game was great… but with the new update, the game will freeze if you attempt to move the sliding tiles with the moveable blocks on top of them, which sometimes seems necessary to complete the level.