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I love this Last empire war z mod apk game I’m on it day and night I’m glad we are now able to battle states but at the same time this is going on our annual kill event is running and with the presidential base now being able to be attacked it’s just a nightmare of fights and losing everything which makes it fun and exciting.

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Last Empire-War Z 1.0.20 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

This is a dangerous world with walking dead and countless toxic creatures. The dark times has come, train your soldiers, find alliance and forge the weapons to protect your homeland. Only the ones with courage and wisdom would survive.

Last Empire-War Z is a fresh new zombie theme strategy game, join us and play with global players, meet the loyal alliance or enemy from the other side of the world. You’ll need to fight the brutal battle and try your best to produce and protect resource to support your troops. Unite your allies or play solo, it’s up to you! Die or Die trying is your choice!

Last empire war z mod apk Game Features
☆ Free to play real time strategy game.
☆You can view the battles in real time and in various regions around the world, chat and find your alliance worldwide
☆ Train your troops and your hero, develop your city, create the most powerful anti-zombie army.
☆ Attack and Kill the Zombies. Strategies can be changing all the time and you will become a real war commander.
☆ There are countless zombie and dark creatures gives you the thrill experience of zombie massacre.
☆ You can be a hero, a villain, an ambassador of peace, or someone else’s resource provider. it’s all up to you.
☆ Come join us and survive the end of the world.

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Stop the cheaters they are in every state and supposedly the development team knows of them but does nothing as they are all Chinese and it makes people spend more money to compete with them why does china get to cheat example they have features that none else has yet and i saw one Last empire war z mod apk game go to level 30 in 2 days.