The Latest Popular Android Games in 2017

The latest popular android games in 2017 – In this era of sophisticated as it is today, the presence of the gadget becomes very important. No one if getting here will emerge a variety of gadgets that facilitate human activities. One gadget that is currently being crazy is Android.

The Latest Popular Android Games in 2017

Not only connect relationship alone, Android became media comforter in times of boredom. One entertainment there is in your smart phone is a variety of popular Android games. Here are some popular Android games that can be downloaded for free in the play store.

Set Newest Most Popular Android Game 2017

1. Subway Surfers
It seems the game this one is certainly there on your smart phone. Because the light and endless permainanya made many people entertained and can be used to simply spend time. Plus, you will never get bored with the looks, because it could change his own country.

2. Candy Crush Saga
Who does not know the latest game popularity this one. With colorful very interesting and there is no ending challenge to make the game popular Android almost one in every gadget. Quality 3D graphics are very nice no doubt also be an attraction for the gamers.

3. Shadow Fight 2
Fight with a shadow? Yup sure you instantly remember the game Shadow Fight 2. But, remember yes, the popular Android game is not intended for children. Many movements fight means violence and dangerous weapons are feared to be imitated. Do not forget to immediately have the game on this one if you have not got.

4. BoBoiBoy: Adudu Attacks! free
The gameplay is not less more cool is BoBoiBoy: Adudu Attacks! Free adaptation of the animated film output Malaysia. This game aims to save the world from attack Adudu who wanted to rule the earth in cocoa. The mission was very challenging for those who love the game of this sort of yes.

5. Farm Heroes Saga
Interesting games but virtually farmed this one to be one of the idol of many people. No one if the popular Android game this one is almost there in any smart phone that you hold. Image graphics in this game are also very charmer, is not wrong if a lot of love.

6. Duel Brain
For youngsters, has games Brain Duel in smartphones is very compulsory. For young people who are still always want to compete, you can download the game on this one and can challenge a friend to see the greatness of each. Immediately prove kepandaianmu with a friend, where the most clever play this Brain Duel?

7. Clash of Clan
Android game is released in 2012 and is one of the Most Popular Android games. Game made by Supercell has been downloaded more than 500 million Android smartphone users. Clash of clan also can be downloaded for free, although there are in-app purchases.

Set on the role of inter-village, you can build a force like a barbarian, archer, wizard and train and become stronger. Besides various kinds of defense building like cannon and archer towers can you get up in this game, to fight, provided the campaign mode where you fight the goblins and multiplayer mode, where you will be chosen at random opponent. You can also join the clan to follow the war between clan that requires teamwork.

8. Plant Vs Zombies 2
Success with the first series, namely plant vs zombie that reaches virtually all platforms, Pop Cam released the sequel of this game is Plants vs. Zombies 2. Can be downloaded for free, plant vs zombies have content that can be purchased in applications such as coins and plants. This application is also sometimes held many special events on an important day, one pinata party where you can play for free premium plant.

The most popular android games this one tells Crazy Dave who want to go back to having a taco that has run out. For that crazy dave create a time machine where he can go back to the moment before taconya exhausted. But it turns out the time machine to bring it all to adventure from various times, and in each era you will find a wide variety of new plants to fight zombies – a unique new zombie.

9. Pokemon Go
The most popular android games this one is experiencing a golden age in 2015 ago. Even so, this game is now beginning to fade due to some users who use cheat. Nevertheless, the game is still played by many people because its unique and does not require high hardware specs, although to play this game, you should be equipped with a GPS smartphone.